BUD-GRYF 2015 - SZCZECIN 30/03/2015

We thank all the customers for visiting our stand at BUD-GRYF 2015 fair. As usually, we were trying to present the latest global trends in ceramic tiles and bathroom accessories for 2015. We are very glad to know you liked the unique bathtub, which could have been seen for three days, with the manual painting of Roy Lichtenstein, the famous American pop artist. You need to know that the bathtub was made to a special order but any customer may place an order with us for a bathtub with the same or any other drawing at his own discretion. In order to find out that it is not the only curiosity we can offer, we invite all those who like unconventional products and want to stand out to visit our showrooms in Szczecin and Gorzów Wielkopolski.