CERSAIE 2016 - BOLOGNA 16/10/2016

As every year, the International Exhibition of Ceramics and Bathroom Furnishings CERSALE 2016 took place on the 26th of September This year, already the 34th edition, 874 exhibitors took part in the exhibition in Bologne. We have gone there for you to see the newest design and technology propositions, which set trends for the approaching year 2017. We were there in order to present to you, in the near future, these carefully selected pearls from selected factories in our exhibition.  What dominated this year Exhibition? Large format 240x240 cm, 240x260 cm, 100x300 cm. These formats looked beautifully in full arrangements and not only in big rooms, but also in quite small rooms. Uniform or marbled big slabs give the room a unique, elegant, aesthetic and ageless look. Undoubtedly the wood-like tiles will still dominate in trends for year 2017. Still in more and more courageous colours with distinct abrasion, aging and with strongly distinguished rings and rites. During the last year exhibition the factories shyly started to arrange the plates in so called chevron, and this year the "chevron" style will b a return to the classic elegance in a completely new style – modern style. Because the above mentioned “chevron” will not only be fashionable using the wood-like plates, but it will be fashionable also in marble like milled rock tiles, the immortal Calacatta is eternally beautiful natural stone. Still fashionable hexagons, colourful patchwork, majolica and for a longer period of time stone-like and concrete-like plates with more and more interesting structures and factures. We also promise you, that the most interesting collections, which we saw during the exhibition in Bologne, will soon be possible to see in our salons in Szczecin and Gorzów Wlkp.