with modern, classic, rustic or retro design. Tiles imitating wood, rock, natural stone like marble, onyx or alabaster. Stone or wood-like stoneware without repeating the patterns to an illusion resembling materials found in nature.


sanitary ceramics, baths, shower enclosures, trays, mixers, bathroom accessories, mirrors. If ceramics – then not necessarily white, if the bathtub – maybe with the personal graphics, if the shower enclosures – then not only modern, if the tray – then not have to be acrylic, if the bathroom accessories – then not an omnipresent chrome and mirror … the mirror with the sensor, maybe?


that is sanitary installations such as concealed toilet tank, cancealed bidet frame, under-tile shower trays as well as linear, point or wall shower drains. Heating installation, i.e. standard, decorative, non-standard radiators with a wide range of colours. LED tapes with appropriate protection against moisture are also an additional element of the bathroom. For the elegant finishing of the bathroom we have molding made of hard polystyrene, such as crown molding, leds, skirting boards, wall-mounted, curtain-type etc.


with the help of our architects we will create the bathroom of your dreams, just give the exact dimensions of the bathroom and with our help choose the tiles and bathroom equipment. Depending on your needs there are several variants of design service. After making the bathroom visualisation, you will receive wall and floor projections and an estimated calculation of the material.



1992 is the beginning of CERAMIK’s activity in a small leased hall with a very small office space and a few ambitious people who want to be successful in the new ceramic tile branch, which is only just emerging in Poland. The years 1998-2006 were a time of great progress for our company, building our own showrooms with storage in Szczecin and Gorzów Wielkopolski. Today, we can confidently say that we hold a leading position on the West Pomeranian market, mainly of Italian ceramic tiles and bathroom equipments. In our offer you will find not only well-known brands, but above all sophisticated products created on customer’s request, for example monolithic washbasins with a countertop to size, bathtubs with their own graphics or their own paintings, pictures taken in a mosaic to size. Our inspiration are extraordinary and unique products. Requirements of our customers we put in the first place. Our long-time employees, specialized and competent, serve with their broad knowledge, expertise and advice. What is impossible for others to achieve for us is an ambitious challenge. We serve every customer, large and small, individual and institutional.

Cooperat with CERAMIK company. If you open to brand and product innovations – you hit home. The CERAMIK company primarily specializes in sophisticated products, not for everybody available. Our range includes ceramic tiles from the biggest Italian manufacturers and equipment for individual needs. We focus mainly on individualism, that’s why you can find here non- mass products, we value the manufactory. We invite architects who want to create original bathroom designs with sophisticated products and everbody those who create these interesting products.