Bathrooms Equipments – Szczecin

Bathrooms Equipments influence the comfort of using the bathroom. It is difficult to imagine a comfortable sanitary room without appropriate ceramics and accessories. Basic bathroom equipment includes bathtubs and/or shower enclosures, shower trays and ceramic washbasins, and sometimes also bathroom furniture. These are supplemented by various accessories intended for organizing the interior, keeping it tidy or drying clothes.

Bathroom accessories, such as roomy drawers, shelves and boxes make it makes more convenient bathroom. With these accessories, you can fit everything you need even in a small space. Well-designed cabinets and shelves make your bathroom more functional. Bathroom furniture and accessories in our range of bathroom is suitable for many bathrooms in a variety of styles. Accessories should be easy to use and/or easy to store. This is especially important in smaller bathrooms - buying accessories from our shop, you can be sure that you won`t run out of space!

Bathroom radiators are also an essential element which should be chosen in such a way that they not only keep heat in the bathroom, but also become a decoration of the bathroom. The available towel heaters models, they can also replace a towel rack or a clothes dryer. They are also much more aesthetic than traditional panel or ribbed radiators.

Bathroom equipment is one of the two main product groups in our assortment. In addition to ceramic wall and floor coverings, we sell bathtubs not only traditional, but also free-standing bathtubs, free-standing wall-mounted bathtubs, bathtubs screens, shower enclosures with profiles, profileless, sliding, tilting, swinging or folding. Shower enclosures are complemented with linear or point drains. For those who cannot afford such a drainage system, we have a wide range of shower trays: acrylic, composite, glazed steel or cast marble in other words made of mineral casting. We also offer cut-to-size and anti-slip shower trays.

Bathroom furniture is also worth mentioning, offered in two design variants - classic and modern.Among them you will find washbasin cabinets, hanging and standing cabinets as well as mirrors. Apart from sanitary ceramics, furniture and other bathroom equipments, we have also prepared many useful accessories.