Project Description

Porcelain wood tiles

Wood is an acknowledged raw material used for construction as well as furnishing residential and commercial buildings. However, natural wood – although undoubtedly beautiful – is extremely time-consuming to maintain, without which it loses its shine and usable values relatively quickly. For all those who appreciate the look of wood, but care about increased durability and functionality of the solutions used, modern wood imitating tiles have been created. Wood imitation tiles resemble natural raw material both in terms of appearance, colours (maintained in various shades of beige, brown and grey), as well as size of planks. However, they definitely differ in terms of everyday care and maintenance, which is practically unnecessary.

Our collections of wood-like tiles can be used in all indoor and outdoor spaces. They are also perfect for interiors such as bathrooms and kitchens, where they are exposed to moisture, dirt and stains. The ceramic wood-effect tiles are an effective combination of the style of wood with the durability of tiles.